Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz is also called skeleton quartz or alligator quartz because of the many layers they have. Usually they have a smokey colour, but they can also be white. These crystals look very different and unique. If you hold them, you feel their intens power immediately.

They also have a great grounding energy, but it can also connect you to the Angelic realms and other dimensiosn. If you hold the crystal, or place it on your third eye or other chakras, you feel the energy shift.

It's like they contain cosmic knowledge. They can help you connect to your Higher Self, your Angels and spirit Guides. And can anchor negative energies.

For me personally I think these are wonderful and powerful crystals, espcially for Starseeds; these are old Souls who are having trouble to find their place on Earth. Or to accept their place, they usually can't handle the harsh society we live in (ego). Which can make them feel very lonely, and they may have the tendency to run away from this society.
Elestial Quartz can help them connect to their True Self and Source energy, so they can anchor the Cosmic energy, which makes you feel more powerful and in tune with your body, heart and Soul. So all Soul parts can melt together; Unity, without any protest to life itself, or pain that may be experienced on Earth. They are also very powerful healers, and can be used with all kinds of healing.

In some way these crystals are very much connected to the Dragon Energy. And therefore not suited for just anyone. The crystal will cross your Pathway, when you are ready for it.

They release negative energy, and hold you a crystal clear mirror to look into. Who is it that you would like to be in life, what are you still holding on to? You are not just your past or the things that happened to you in this life time, your Soul is so much more than that. Are you ready to claim Love, to live from your Heart and Soul? Or do you rather stay a prisoner of your old way of thinking.

These crystals reflect the Truth, and it's not always nice to hear or see the truth, but it will set you free. You can finally let go of addictive pattners or negative karma.

Also use the heart chakra crystals like: Kunzite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, and crystals for the throat chakra, such as Aquamarine or Turquoise. To heal and release the emotions in a loving manner. You can use grounding crystals to release the energy. And Selenite or clear Quartz for cleansing and harmony.

The energy of the Elestial Quartz can be compared to the powerful Goddess energy as well, she is encouraging to Awaken, to rise up, and to lead your life the way YOU want to.

Elestial Quartz can be used in and around the house where you would like to improve the energy. It can also stabilize ley lines. The crystal can help you face your fears, which are often grounded in your childhood.
Work with the utmost respect for these Master Healers, so the crystal can heal you on a transformative level, and support you in your spiritual journey.

© Arlette
Date: 21-04-'19

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