About Mediumchat.org

Welcome to this spiritual helpline, where only highly specialized spiritual helpers work.

This way you will always find a consultant who is the right one for your questions. This includes mediums, psychics, fortune tellers, healers, astrologers, coaches, counselors, therapists in various specialisms. You can choose to call, chat with a consultant or request an email consultation.

We have made it as pleasant as possible for you, hence the diversity in gifts. It is important to know that every consultant works here under his own responsibility and the line holder can't be held responsible for any consequences. Feel free to take a look at the various boxes first to see which consultant you want to go with all your questions. Make the choice based on your feeling, then you know for sure that the conversation will naturally be very pleasant and enjoyable. That it really helps you.

Every conversation will add something, then there is no other option, since the spiritual counselors on this website are all highly qualified. However, it is possible that you may not be completely satisfied with something. Then you can always send us a message, which we will certainly handle. Mention the name of the consultant in the message.

Consultants at this spiritual help center work independently and guarantee your anonymity. All your conversations are safe. You can share everything with a consultant. They will not discuss this with anyone.

If you have found a consultant of your choice, you can create an account. This is completely free, so there are no costs associated with your account on this website. You then have the option of purchasing cheap credits in a safe environment, which you can then use to contact the consultant you are talking to. Every consultant has his own specialties. So look well in advance which questions you have and coordinate with the relevant consultant. This way you will enjoy your credits to the maximum.

If you have any credits left after a conversation, you will not have lost them. You can use it again for the next call or chat. So nice that you can fully use your credits. If the consultant in question is busy, you can of course consult another consultant or wait for the consultant.

The gifts that the spiritual counselors have on this line are, as indicated, very diverse. The gifts are also indicated at the relevant boxes. Consider the gifts: clairvoyance, knowing clearly, feeling clearly, hearing clearly, laying the lens card, tarot card laying, angel card laying, dolphin card laying.

You can also go to this spiritual line for support with all your life questions. Coaches, counselors, therapists with various specialties have been brought in for this. Think of relationship therapist, depression therapist, stress coaching.

Who knows, you might want the consultant to ask you a few questions. You can also find commuters on this spiritual helpline.

We can imagine that you have a certain expectation of the interview and that the consultant's response may be disappointing. That you have not heard what you would like to hear. The counselors on this spiritual line work with integrity and purity. They do not talk to the mouth of clients. They don't want to pin something on you or give you false hope. Even though you would have liked a confirmation, and not received it. Know that the answer is genuine and honest and you can continue.

Do you know that you can also very well use a healer or magnetizer online? On this helpline you will find the best healers and magnetizers in the Benelux. You will be treated remotely. So in stress situations, you can certainly also consult a consultant, to regain the peace within yourself.

Know that our consultants are all screened and may work on this line based on that. That way you know for sure that you will not have to deal with fraudulent practices.

You can opt for a telephone consultation, a chat consultation or an email consultation. You have a wide choice. We wish you nice conversations with our top consultants, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We wish you a good conversation!