Creativity and spirituality

Creativity and spirituality. Apart from grounding yourself, there is another way to get closer to your true self; your core Being. And that's through creativity.

Everybody knows when you are being creative, you are completely in the moment and relaxed. You are not aware of everything you need to do today. Children are always very creative, and as long as they are young it's stimulated by their parents. Once they get older, only the ones with true talent are being stimulated to keep working on their talent.

Lot's of draughtsman will tell you didn't have a natural born talent at all, but it was a matter of practice, practice and practice. This is of course true for every gift you would like to develop. It's the same for everyone. Of course there are people that have had this gift in past lives, and therefore it seems they are born with it.

It doesn't matter if the thing you are creating, is beautiful or useful. It’s for yourself. By being creative think about: drawing, painting, singing, making music, writing songs, dancing, cooking etc.

It's a moment for yourself. How often do you hear the stories of singers that have had a horrible childhood and used singing or writing songs as a way to process their emotions. It was never their purpose to be famous, this was their way of processing and healing.

There are people that when they are being creative, they let their ego take over. The thing they are creating isn't perfect enough. Practice makes perfect, but it's also very important that you are enjoying the process of creating. If you are not enjoying it anymore, you are not in contact with your true self; your intuition or Source energy.
When you are being creative, the Angels are very close, they love to co-create with humankind. And they also help you to get into contact with your intuition. A song someone wrote for you, may not be perfect, it may be out of tune. But it could touch your heart, because it's made for you from Unconditional Love.

A lot of people don't like to be creative, it's taking up too much of their time, to just sit and get their painting equipment, or their instrument. They don't allow themselves mental rest or time. They are always on the move, nervous, and unhappy.

They don't remember that inspiration can only come to those, that open up. You need to relax, so you can be a channel from your Higher Self, to your intuition.

This is why being creative can be highly addictive. Because it makes you happy. To be in contact with your true nature. It's like an everlasting meditation, in the Here and Now. And it feeds your Soul.

That's why most people enjoy listening to music, or watching someone paint. Source energy works through these people, and they are touched by it.

When you would like to process your emotions, but don't know where to start. Please gather a piece of paper and some crayons. Pick the colour crayons that appeal to you most, without thinking about it mentally, and just start to draw. It doesn't have to be beautiful. Draw without thinking, without using your ego, and just get lost in the moment.

The same goes for singing a song. That's why most people love to sing along with their radio while driving the car, it's a moment of relaxation, time for themselves.

If you grab your created drawing (and place the date on it), look at the colours, or listen to the tones (when singing or playing a song). How does it make you feel, do you feel sadness, anger, insecure, or anxious. Or does it make you feel happy and loving. There is a lot of heling to be found in these creations. And often not only you are touched by it, but others as well. It touches their heart and mirrors back to them, what's going on in their life at that moment.

So when you feel stuck with your emotions. And grounding doesn't work, neither does meditating. Try being creative for a change. You will notice you do it automatically sometimes. Allow yourself some me-time. So your heart and Soul can finally speak to you again. Don't make any excuses to have some time for yourself. This is true self-love.

© Arlette
Date: 12-06-'19

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