Angel Card

Queen of Air
Independant, Experienced, Realistic, Witty
Objective decision making.
Clearing away all that no longer serves you.
Seeing the humor in a situation.

This Angel card indicates that you need to take a decision. Stop procrastinating. The time has come to move forward, there is no going back.

The Angels invite you to look at your life, and all the mess you need to clear, all the things that can't wait nog longer. It's in your head and you can't let go, it needs to be done right Now. Eventually it's taking up way more of your energy by not doing it, in stead of just doing it today, here and now.

This card could also mean that someone has hurt your feelings, maybe you had to say goodbye to a partner or a relationship that is no longer working, because it's taking way too much energy, than you are receiving. There is no future possible.
This card also learns you to stand up for yourself, to set some bounderies and go your own way. You have learned many lessons already, a now is the time to use these valuable lessons in your own life. To let the wisdom flow through you, from your Higher Self. Deep down you already know all the answers, but you are afraid to push through. It takes perseverance and courage.
The Queen of Air also encourages you to let go of all your masks, and to no longer feel ashamed to show your true self. Always pretending that everything is ok. Or be defensive. Be open and honest with like-minded people, so they can help you, most of them will do so with the utmost love and care for you.
The Queen of Air is also for a realistic and powerful woman. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to cut the cords of her past, and things that are no longer serving her. She knows what is needed to grow and evolve. To break through old patterns once and for all.

She also knows that humor will help to break through patterns. It's a powerful tool to get closer to your true self. It brings light into the darkness. Humor helps to get a realistisch point of view, where the ego can sometimes confuse you. It's necessary to stand on your own two feet and get your head out of the clouds, and back onto this earth. To make decisions from your core being.

Take action
In the Here and Now
and know this is necessary
to become happier
and to heal yourself

Nobody is stopping you
To flourish
But before that
You need time to follow your Heart
If this is the right Pathway for you
And who or what is fitting
in your life right now

Free yourself
from past trauma
So you may be Free
in a new phase
of mental peace
and security
In Self-Love and Confidence
to a positive future

© Arlette
Date: 12-06-'19

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