The power of your own spiritual intuition

Understand the Spiritual intuition
People should be relying more on their spiritual intuition, I have noticed that this a lot of people are
loosing the connection with this spiritual self. I think that the reason for this is that in todays society
people are confronted with a lot of doubt. Doubt and uncertainty is something which really
demolishes the spiritual intuition.
Spiritual intuition in school

Young people are confronted with negative images of super models or super stars, this gives them a
lot of insecurity about their self-image. This is a result of the toxicity they see in movies, on social
media and in the school environment. Therefore, children should learn at a young age how to use
their spiritual intuition to guide them from right and wrong. Instead, they learn all these negativities
in modern school environments. Everything is based on numbers and prestation, instead of learning
the inner self and trusting your spiritual intuition.

The intuition is so much stronger than most of the people can realise, this is due to the fact that it
will provide you with insights in who you can trust and who you cannot trust. It will really function as
having a “gut feeling”. A psychic medium can sometimes be helpful with understanding if the feeling
is right or wrong. Therefore, it is really beneficial to check with the psychic mediums by phone or
with the chat to see if they can guide you with these topics.
The Seal Hospital

Following your spiritual intuition does not only limit in understanding who you should trust. It can
also help you in the decision making along the way. This could be in terms of finance, career or in
your personal love life. I see examples of this in my day to day life, recently a friend came to me with
the question whether or not she should be volunteering at a Seal hospital. This hospital specializes in
adopting lost Seals who are found on the beach.

This friend of mine always had a special connection with Seals, and decided to visit the beach last
week. Her spiritual intuition said that she should walk further than she normally would. It was a sign
of her spiritual intuition. When she walked further, she found a lost Seal. The seal was very tired and
the cards did not look well for the Seal. She called the Seal Hospital and they took care of it. Luckily,
the Seal survived, but if my friend did not follow her spiritual intuition, the Seal would not have
survived. This gave her the sign to become a volunteer at this Seal Hospital.
Find help with your spiritual intuition

This example portraits the importance of believing and following your spiritual intuition, this will
always be your compass throughout life. If you have trouble with connecting to this spiritual
intuition, our psychic mediums are here for you to help. Feel free to contact them with your
questions and they will help you to re-connect with your spiritual intuition. 
Date: 19-07-'22

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