Record Keeper Crystal

Record Keeper Crystal. These are very special crystals. Record Keeper Crystals have a triangle etched on the crystal itself, you can also feel it. It's very rare. You can see them on all Quartz crystals, in my personal experience also a lot on Lemurian Seed Crystals (Laserwands, see picture). Sometimes on Herkimer Diamonds, and many of them on Tibetan Quartz crystals.
A crystal is a Record Keeper Crystal, if it has one or multiple triangles, like a pyramid shape. Sometimes you even see a whole group of them on the crystal. It has been said that these Record Keeper triangles appear all of a sudden, when they were not on the crystal at first. This often has to do with your spiritual awakening, and knowledge that is now available to you, because you are ready for it. Sometimes the triangles can also dissapear.

Record Keeper Crystals are from ancient times like Lemuria and Atlantis. And contain ancient knowledge and wisdom. Crystals work like a computer, in which you can save information. For the right persons, on the right frequency, they can 'download' this information.

You can also access the Akashic Records with these crystals. Place the crystal on your third eye, or heart chakra. Take the time to ground and protect yourself, and to only connect to the highest Source possible.

Please realize that knowledge won't always come to you, just like that. It cannot be forced. Sometimes you will need to get to know the crystal better. And you also need to have the ability to get this information. The more you are working with this crystal, the more it will 'speak' to you. You can also give it a special place on your altar, and charge it with sun- and moonlight. And cleanse it with incense or white sage.

You need to be open in trying to access the information inside the crystal, otherwise it won't work. We live in a time where everything needs to happen fast, but these crystals will only release information, to people that are ready for it. If the information will come to you, it doesn't always make sense yet, you can't understand it with your mind. You need to feel it, live through the energy. Even if you don't understand it, healing is taking place. But it takes time, it needs time to manifest. The earth 3D body can't handle too much information/healing at once.
Write your experiences in a journal, with the date. Just everything you are sensing with this crystal. Later you can look back into your journal and find out, what was happening, and which insights you were gaining, in that phase of your life.

The triangle is representing contact with the Higher Realms or Source energy, but without a solid foundation, the information can't be anchored, or integrated. This is always most important in working with Master Crystals.

The reversed triangles are the most rare ones you will find. They are called 'Trigonic' Record Keeper Crystals. It's a good crystal for sjamanic healing, traveling through dimensions, and soul retrievel work, so you can let go of karma.

Working with these Master Crystals, can give you a glimpse of Source energy, duality dissolves, and there is only light and love. Light is also a way of passing on information. Crystals on Earth are materialized light/love energy from Source.

And only the true Starseed can get access to this information. Of course you also need to learn all your life lessons, and keep developing yourself in life. They will only open up to Pure Souls, with Pure Intentions.
Record Keeper Crystals can be used for:
- Channeling;
- Mediumship;
- Regression;
- Family karma;
- Gives access to the Akashic Records;
- Healing;
- Processing trauma;
- Gaining insight;
- Connecting to Source energy.

© Arlette
Date: 10-04-'19

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