How does our psychic chat work?

Though you might be a little hesitant about the paranormal. Or, not knowing what to expect? Step over the threshold and be surprised by one of our top chat mediums!

To prepare for a psychic chat it is advisable to write down the questions the want to ask. Usually, the psychic you are chatting with receives information about you immediately and the session will run in harmony. There must be respect from both sides in order to have a successful chat. If a chat session gets out of hand and is going in the wrong direction, the corresponding psychic will immediately stop the chat session and, if necessary, block the person!

Beware: You can only use credits to chat that have been purchased on the chat website!



Clairvoyant available chat has super attractive credit offers:

Basic: 10 Credits
€10,00 (€1,00 per credit)
10 Credits
(€1,00 per credit)
Bronze: 20 Credits
€19,00 (€0,95 per credit)
20 Credits
(€0,95 per credit)
< Most chosen package
Silver: 40 credits
€38,00 (€0,95 per credit)
40 credits
(€0,95 per credit)
Gold: 100 credits
€90,00 (€0,90 per credit)
100 credits
(€0,90 per credit)
< Greatest value
$ £

The payment provider charges in Euro.


How does our psychics chat work?

1. Create a free account
2. Choose an available consultant
3. Choose from our unbeatable credit offers.

If you've gotten enough information, you can print the chat consultation so that it can be read later again
Good luck with the chat session at Clairvoyant available chat!

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