Gold Topaz

Gold Topaz. There are many colours of Topaz, but right now we are about to discuss the Gold Topaz, also called: Imperial Topaz. The crystal is connected to the number 9 and the astrological signs: Sagittarius and Leo.
It's one of the more expensive Topaz crystals, but it's beautiful, it radiates like the sun, and brings therefore positive energy.

The crystal is used for the solar plexus chakra, this is the chakra where highly sensitive people absorb energy from other people around them, and it can drain them. You can place the Gold Topaz on this chakra, or wear it as a pendant on a long necklace.
It will help release the negative energy, and to cleanse this chakra. The golden/yellow colour is used for the solar plexus, or crown chakra. And the more orange colour for the sacral chakra. This will help release suppressed emotions.

When I think of the Gold Topaz, I'm thinking about Source energy, how each person is reminded to it's Orgin. The crystal can help you get back into contact with your true State of Being, released from ego thoughts, like anxiety, insecurities, sadness and feeling powerless. It also works well on the heart chakra, and helps you to love yourself, in receiving Divine Source energy.

It will give you the willpower to persevere on your Pathway, how difficult and hard it may be at the time. It's a crystal of abundance, confidence, creativity and manifestation. Gold Topaz amplifies self-esteem, and gives you stamina.

It can be used when dealing with depression or fatigue. The crystal can help heal the liver, the gall-bladder, ductless glands, bladder, exhausted nerves. It's good for digestion and metabolism, and it can help heal from anorexia.

Gold Topaz opens the higher chakras, and cleanses the energy bodies. It helps you get into contact with Angels, spirit guides and the Lightmaster Melchizedek (for the ones that have the gift). It also has a connection to the Dragon energies, powerful and loving at the same time. Just like the Dragon energy, the Gold Topaz can help release ancient patterns, think of (family)karma, self-esteem issues, ego thoughts, critical inner voice, and inner child trauma, etc.
It's a highly protective crystal, which helps you focus on your Higher Self, and your Soul. It teaches you to have self- confidence. To heal yourself from the inside out, and to see your goals clearly, to try and achieve them.
Be careful, the crystal colour can fade in sunlight.
© Arlette
Date: 21-06-'19

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