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I talk to this woman last night all I have to say this woman is amazing new Everything about my life about my marriage helped me fix certain things that is going on thank you so much thank you for helping me clear my mind

Barbara McGillicuddy

This lady told me so much stuff I must say the reading was just awesome she gave me the initials of my ex boyfriend that has passed away and also his name also told me details about things that me and him did together I miss him so much thank you Claudia for giving me clarity and serenity on my reading and helping me God bless you

Donna B

Ok Just got done having my reading with Claudia I will start off and say her reading was so beautiful and told me everything about my life my past everything that I have been through that only I would know Claudia’s reading Is an amazing reader thank you so much


Such a sweetheart! Very detailed and honest. Her predictions have came to pass. Amazing psychic. Thanks so much!!!


Excellent!! Made me feel at ease. After I got done chatting with her my boyfriend called me immediately. Thank you so much! Your amazing!!!

Rebecca London

I will start off and say Claudia told me things that I didn’t even know about myself only secrets that I know Claudia revealed to me told me so much about my life my present no names of my ex boyfriend of my ex-husband reading was amazing I love talking to her made me feel so good

Anna rivers

Claudius really was amazing and I love her so much her reading was great Made me feel so special and so comfortable and happy

Lis had an experience with Silver Sage

Very great reading answered all my questions

Jack had an experience with Zack

Very good!!


1 billion golden stars for Lili! She truly is an angel. I never felt so connected to someone, she listened to me , helped me. Gave me the answers. Her heart is from gold. I could ask her anything. Her answers touched my heart. She directly felt my emotions changed and talked to me to feel better again. I will never forget her. She is a blessing. I spoke to many other mediums on here. None of them I’ll compare to Lili. I recommend Lili to everyone. Thank you Lili for who you are and what you do!  
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