Which psychic to trust

Which psychic to trust,
If they are all giving different advice?

A lot of customers are asking this question. First you need to look at yourself, what is your intention with your reading. Are you open to hear the truth, how you can work on yourself, in order to grow? To break through patterns, love yourself more, and go for your own happiness?

What are you asking a question about? Is the psychic you are talking to even specialized in this subject, do they have life experience? You can't ask a psychic about soulmates and twinflames, if they have not experienced this kind of relationship themselves. Or to contact a spirit, if this is not one of their abilities.

It's also very important, to stay true to your own intuition. In daily life they are people around you, you like, and people you don't like, or connect with. Psychis are only just people. And one will fit your energy level better, than the other.

Listen to your gut instinct. I'm not talking about the customers that want to hear the fairy tale stories, because this will not help anyone. Psychics don't have to tell you what you want to hear. But an equal level is important. If someone is below your level, they often can't help you. It's also valuable to go to an honest psychic, the one that tells you the truth the way it is. Where family and friends usually just tell you what they think you want to hear.

My advice to my customers is, stay to 1 or 2 psychics that can truly connect with you, and your intuition tells you, they are helping you. You can just feel they are special, and they will comfort you, and give you energy to move forward.

If you are getting addicted to psychic readings, and keep trying a new one every day. Please take a break, and try to meditate, ground yourself, exercise, or do anything creative, to get in touch with your intuition again. Asking advice is very good, and getting feedback. But you can never be dependant on psychics.

Consulting a psychic, coach or healer are sessions to get closer to your true Higher Self. To receive support, and have an honest look at your life. To work with you in a loving manner, and to learn your life lessons, and get back into your original state of being with Source energy.

© Arlette
Date: 12-01-'19

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