What is a generator crystal?

What is a generator crystal? A generator crystal is a crystal with six faces that form into one point at the top of the crystal. You often see generator crystals that are being polished on the sides and bottom (the point stays intact), so it can stand better on his own. Generator crystals are usually clear with a cloudy bottom. They can also contain rainbows.

This crystal is used as a charger or battery for other crystals. They can generate and focus energy. If you would like to charge your crystals, place them in a circle around the generator crystals. Because the generator crystal has a point, it can really focus energy very well. You can use this crystal to program it for a certain purpose, or to send healing (place a picture of the person underneath the crystal) or at the altar, place the crystal in the middle of the altar.

A natural generator crystal with six even faces forming one point are actually very rare. You often see the polished generators, which are man made, and not by nature itself.

When you come across a natural crystal, it's a very powerful and unique healing tool. You can also meditate with it, or heal yourself and others. It can be used on all chakras (clear Quartz), depending on the type of crystal, like Smokey Quartz is very grounding, and Amethyst for relaxation. Quartz enhances the healing properties of all other crystals.

Some people place a generator crystal on top of their tarot cards, to cleanse them. Or on a wish they want to come true, by writing it on a piece of paper and placing it underneath the crystal.

A generator crystal can also be used to cleanse your house, place them where you would like to balance the energy. Program the crystal for this purpose. And don't forget to cleanse the crystal itself regularly.
When the sides are not equal, it usually is a channeling crystal, window- isis crystal etc. (see other blogs). Each crystal has their unique healing properties.

You can cleanse the crystal with water, white sage or incense, and recharge it in sun- and moonlight. Be careful, crystals can break when they are exposed to too hot or too cold temperatures.
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Date: 19-04-'19

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