Tarot Card – Judgement XX

Tarot Card –  Judgement XX . Judgement is the 20th card of the Major Arcana. It can be reduced to 2, for the female energy (also the High Priestess). 0 is for the Fool. Combined 20, is in this case, a sign that the old may be let go off, to be reborn. Courage is needed, and surrender to your intuition/Higher Self.

You see the Angel in the card blowing his trumpet, as he is resting on the clouds. This is Archangel Gabriel; the Messenger of God. He is here to wake people up, and to show them that men and God are equal.
The trumpet is for action, a hard sound that will wake you op. The banner is for a celebration. The four blocks are for the four elements. Red for the material world/ego and white for Source energy/intuition.

There are six people rising from the dead. They are 'reborn'. They are looking at the Angel for redemption.

The mountains in the card are for finally finding the Truth.

This is a card to wake you up. No longer walk away from your gut feeling, listen to what your intuition has to tell you. If you would die today, and face 'Judgement Day', can you look back on your life and feel proud? Or do you have to take a long hard look in the mirror, in order to change things in your life. Have you learned your life lessons?

It's symbolizing redemption. To let go of fears, pain, sadness and insecurities. It also takes time to let go, but you are getting there. Renewal. From death to feeling reborn.

This card could also indicate judgement, or feeling judged by others.

Renewal, positive changes in your work life. New projects or contracts. It could also be about a decision you need to make. Don't think about it too long and hard, because you need to take action soon. So you can free yourself from a vicious circle.

It's a very positive card, changes ahead. Like the bond is getting even stronger. Problems can be discussed and healed. There is a new beginning. If you are in doubt about your relationship, you know what you need to do, to change.

Judgement Card:
- Enlightenment;
- Karma;
- Death and feeling reborn;
- Transformation;
- Doubt;
- Self-reflection;
- Judgement;
- Forgiveness;
- Change;
- The end of a difficult situation;
- Healing;
- Spiritual Awakening.

© Arlette
Date: 06-04-'19

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