Tarot Card The World XXI

Tarot Card The World XXI. Tarot Card the World is the last card of the Major Arcana.

Number 21 being reduced to 3, is again for the holy trinity. In this case for completion. 2 is the female energy, and 1 the male Source energy. They melt together as one, the holy child, a new start, in heaven or paradise. Returning to Source energy, Surrender and Awareness.

The round egg shape looks like a 0, just like the Fool’s card, completing the cycle. The woman is half naked, the purple veil is representing spiritual Awareness.

The card is radiating accomplishment, union with Source energy. The wreath is symbolizing victory. The woman also represents Freedom. Her legs form the number 4, just like the Hanged Man XII. The number 4 keeps her grounded, she is Enlightened, but hasn't lost touch with the Earth.

The woman on the World card is seen as androgynous. She is pictured as a woman because the female energy is for Surrender. But she is in fact representing male- and female energies as One.

The wands in her hands are for creating her own reality, male- and female energies united. The Magician holds one wand, she holds two.

In the corners of the card, we see the lion, ox, the winged man and the eagle again. The same on the Wheel of Fortune X. Then they were a promise of what was to come, in this card they became reality. They are not reading a book, or finding their way: they are Awakened.

You have reached your goals and are exactly there where you want to be. Cosmic Unification, completing the cycle. It could be about a graduation, a wedding, birth, chasing after your dreams. It feels very positive and you have achieved this al by yourself.

The card is also showing that you may reflect on all that you have accomplished so far and the lessons you have learned during the process. It has made you stronger.

The World card is definitely for success and achieving your goals. You have found your calling, and are on the right place at the right time. Sometimes it's for international contacts and traveling.
It's a very positive card to have for love, because it's for a deep meaningful relationship. If the relationship isn't going very well, it means you both need time to heal and feed this relationship. So it can go through a new positive phase, and feels like you are both being reborn. If you are single, a new (soulmate) partner can come into your life.

The World:
- Completion;
- Birth;
- Insight;
- Success;
- Harmony;
- Transformation;
- Achieving your goals;
- Traveling around the world;
- End of a cycle;
- Power;
- Everything will be fine;
- Dreams become reality.

© Arlette
Date: 23-05-'19

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