Spiritual Chat Reading

Spiritual Chat Reading

What is a spiritual chat reading?
A spiritual chat reading, is a reading via chat, you can ask questions, which psychics and healers will answer.

They use their special gifts: clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizance and clairscented.

You can ask questions about: love, your job, colleagues, friends, your children etc.

Who is your Angel or guide, or perhaps a deceased loved one has a message for you?

A healer can see your blockages, and can tell you how to solve them.

Usually when you approach a psychic, you don't want them to know anything about you, so they can tune into your relationship, situations etc.

What does a psychic need from you?
A psychic or healer usually needs: your name, age, or date of birth. If you wish you can send a picture via the system, but it's not mandatory.

First two minutes are free!
The first two minutes are free of charge. This is so you can give your information: name, date of birth, and your question.

The free minutes are not meant to get instant answers. Tuning in takes up time and energy.

For who?
For everyone who feels the need to talk to a psychic, or for someone who wants to give it a try.

It's very easy accessible. A main advantage is the fact that you can always read the chat afterwards.

A chat reading is easy for people who don't want their environment listening to their conversation, if you are at work, or if the kids are at home.

How do you prepare for a reading?
It's best to have a few questions on paper beforehand. Often there will be more questions during the reading.

Give the psychic enough time to tune into your energy and situation, to pull some cards, or to contact your Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones.

Everyone has their own method. Read the profiles of the psychics to see which one attracts you most.

What can you expect?
This is very diverse. It depends with what expectation you come into the chat room.

A psychic or medium can't solve all your problems instantly, but he or she can look into your situation, tune in and feel. And give you advice, also advice from Angels, guides.

Sometimes choices come through, which Path to follow. But in the end you will always have Free Will.

Know that nobody can predict the future 100%. Each human being has been born with Free Will, and through this Free Will, the future can change every day.

A psychic can see recurring themes in your life, and the life lessons.

A psychic isn't allowed to give advice on health issues.

You can never become dependant on a psychic. This is your life and you are responsible for the choices you make. Their role is advising only.

Know that it's difficult to hear the truth sometimes, so please come into the chat to openly hear their feedback.

Ask more questions if you don't understand something, or just can't place it. Sometimes advice needs time to integrate. And it can become clear at a later time.

The psychic will always approach you lovingly, and try his hardest, to help you with your questions. They don't love anything more, than helping human kind with their gifts.

Are you happy with your reading?
Please let us know, if you were happy with your chat reading. It's also nice for the psychics to know they are appreciated for the job they do. You can leave a testimonial via this link, of course you can leave an anonymous testimonial as well: www.mediumchat.org/experience/page3.html
Date: 18-02-'16

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