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Email consultation. No time for a chat?  Choose for an affordable email/photo consultation. Our consultants are specialized in reading photos and answering questions via email. If you decide to request an e-consultation. Then first read the profiles of the consultants connected to Mediumchat carefully. So that you can consult the right consultant for your questions.

Why an email consultation

If you have an urgent question, but no time to get into the chat, consultation via email is ideal. You can read the answers at your leisure. And as often as you want. A chat conversation often goes so quickly that you later no longer know exactly what was said or what was meant. You can prevent this with an e-consultation.

What information does the consultant need from you?

In order to answer your questions as best as possible, it is helpful if you provide the following information to the consultant.

  • Name and date of birth of yourself
  • If you have a question about another person also the name and date of birth
  • You can also send photos with the email consultation. This is free
  • And of course we would like to ask your questions clearly
How much does an E-consultation cost?

For just €25 you can ask up to 3 questions. Where you have the space to upload photos for free. Take the following steps to request a consultation by email.

  • Register first on the home page under "Free registration"
  • Then purchase credits for €25
  • Then choose one of the consultants who offer an E-consultation
  • Ask your questions
  • Send your questions
  • You will receive the answers within 2 days
General information

It may happen that the consultant you have selected is not able to answer your questions within 2 days. Your questions will then automatically be forwarded to another consultant.

Please note that every consultant has his own working method. Know that the future can never be predicted exactly, because you create it yourself, every day. The email consultations are intended to provide insights and answers so that you can get on with your life. They are intended as a push in the right direction.

If you have any questions after reading the answers, we advise you to discuss further with the consultant in the chat. Of course, a follow-up email consultation is also possible.

By requesting the consultation by email, you accept the General Terms and Conditions.