Crystal Sphere

Crystal Sphere. Most people think about the gypsy on the fair predicting your future with their crystal sphere. In the old days they would also use glass balls.

Crystal spheres have healing properties. Because of the round shape the energy flows into all directions, and the sphere is for good energy in your house. They are also used in the middle of an altar, or a crystal grid. But also to enhance the energy inside your house.

Of course you can't predict the future with a crystal sphere. But some psychics can see images if they gaze into the crystal sphere, and have the ability to see. Others see more with their eyes closed touching the sphere, or let the customer touch the sphere, and then give the sphere back to the psychic, to tune into their energy.

Images or visions can't be used as a guarantee, for what is about to happen in your life. You can sense energies and timelines, but every person has free wil. Of course there is no time and space when you are in deep trance, so this can be very confusing.

If you would like to use a crystal sphere to use for scrying, it's better to use a crystal that isn't fully clear, you can see most of the images in the inclusions of the crystal sphere. If there are bubble inside the sphere, it's probably made out of glass. A real crystal sphere that is all clear, is rare and pricey.

Because a crystal sphere has been carved it feels very soft, you can use it to hold in your hands, or to roll it between your hands or onto your body. You can massage them on the acupressure points, but also to release negative energy in the body and aura. You could also use two smaller spheres to hold them in your hands, and to let the energy flow through your body/aura.

When you really start to focus on the crystal sphere, you can feel the energy flow. You can experience warmth or cold, or a tingling feeling. It's different for everyone. Ask the crystal sphere what it’s important for you to know, or the lessons you need to learn in life.

Crystal spheres are a great healing and meditation tool. Clear Quartz crystal spheres can give you energy, but also balance your aura. An Amethyst sphere is used for relaxation and deep meditation (or sleep). Rose Quartz spheres are often used in the nursery, or for children, to give them loving soft energy. This crystal is also used to enhance your creativity and get inspiration. Of course Rose Quartz is also used for self-love, and to attract love into your life.
A Selenite sphere is suitable to release pain and negative energy from your body, and to recharge your batteries. A Citrine sphere is used for power and positive energy.
You will probably have your own favorite crystal. And are usually drawned to the one you need most at this moment.
The size of the crystal sphere really doesn't matter, a small crystal sphere can be just as powerful, as a large one. If you are ill, you can hold a crystal sphere in your hands, and you will feel the negative energy fade away, usually it's grounded via the crystal.

Don't forget to cleanse your crystal sphere, you can place it in lukewarm water, or cleanse it with incense, white sage or essential oils, and recharge it with sun- or moonlight. Be careful some crystal colour can fade in sunlight, like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Calcite, Kyanite, Morganite, Kunzite, etc.

Don't let your crystal spheres be exposed to too hot or too cold temperatures.

© Arlette
Date: 01-05-'19

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