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Jack had an experience with Zack

Very good!!


1 billion golden stars for Lili! She truly is an angel. I never felt so connected to someone, she listened to me , helped me. Gave me the answers. Her heart is from gold. I could ask her anything. Her answers touched my heart. She directly felt my emotions changed and talked to me to feel better again. I will never forget her. She is a blessing. I spoke to many other mediums on here. None of them I’ll compare to Lili. I recommend Lili to everyone. Thank you Lili for who you are and what you do!  


Angel,  You are very kind, honest and trustworthy. Your prediction was totally right. You really helped me with finding a solution. I feel better after talking to you. Thank you soo much. 


Dear Clairevoyant Charasmatic, Thank you so much for the beautifull advices and coaching. I am really happy that I talked with you. You are a very nice person. Everytime you have been telling me the truth without saying so much to you. I just cant believe and I am litle bit in shock that you told me also about the future and my wishes what I really want it.. Sir once again thank you so much for everything and full of positivity reading :)  


My experience with Angel: She felt what I was feeling and going through and understand me what I was in a dificult situation. And guide through this I really have to write it out everything you said Angel. :) I was keep coming back because I hadn`t enough credits. But I knew I had to come back we were not done. But the connection felt really strong with you Angel I`m a high sensitive person thats why we had a strong connection you told me. So I highly recommend to everyone But especially high sensitive persons to contact with Angel if you going through some things. She will guide you Angel thank you and I definitely come back to you if I need help again! You really let me know that i`m just right what I feel around others and don`t have to care about others say about the situation we talked. Its about me. And I will also search for a expert to guide me with my high sensitivity. Thank you Angel 


Part 2 Angel review Hope you reading this I meant as main issue friendship when you asked me what feel/ I needed or something. I see in friendship also love that you get from people who wants to be each other like friends do general.  


I give Angel a 10! She is incredible. When I told/ ask you a little bit about my situation you saw/felt right away what I was going through. So what I felt was right and I`m not crazy. You helped and guided me what I needed to do. And my high sensitivity HSP is why we had a strong connection you said, I felt that too! I definitely come back to you when I need help again and I will do what you said to me what I need to do. I will follow the plan. Thank you again Angel :) 


CHOOSE PURPLE LOTUS PSYCHIC- it will amaze you how she can look into your heart and stick your broken puzzles together. She is motivated by unconditional love for humans. God bless her. She`s 11/10 xox Petra  


charismatic is the best. He help me very wel in my situation 


You deserve all respect and love HERA, everything you tell me is getting real, guys I recommend you HERA if you look for truth, peace and happiness! thanks a lot sweet Hera :* 
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