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Psychic Freya

I am a natural-born psychic and empath who uses her gifts for healing and helps people tap into divine wisdom. By connecting to angels and spirit guides, I will deliver the messages that will empower you and bring clarity to your situation. I will also bring readings to you from tarot cards, oracle cards, and pendulums. You are not alone in this world and there are many spiritual friends in your corner. No matter what you have been through or where you are right now, your spiritual guardians and protectors want to empower you to succeed and live a life of fullness.

I am also a medium and can help you connect to loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. They are not gone and their energy is still strong and surrounds you. Many times our loved ones leave messages to let us know they are here, and sometimes they need help getting those messages across. I will deliver those messages to you.

I will bring you answers to your questions about love, money, career, health, and the future.  

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