Medium Readers

We all reached a point in our lives that we needed guidance. Sometimes this guidance cannot be given by a loving friend, wife, husband or parent. Maybe not even from a specialist like a psychologist. These are not our only options though. If nothing of the above doesn’t suit you, maybe you are in a place in your life that you need to check out a medium reader or a psychic medium reader. 


Medium readers have the ability to guide you and show you the path that you are looking for. How  do they do that? Through your own loved ones that have already passed in the other dimension. In other words, a medium reader is the “bridge” between you and your departed ones. 


Medium readers, how they really communicate

A medium reader senses things that an ordinary human cannot sense, in order to reach to the person that have already passed and provide specific information to you. There are two major types of reading that medium readers are using to perform communication. The first one is called Channeling. A medium reader opens his or her heart and soul, tunes into the energy field of a person that is no longer on his physical body and embraces a new presence in his living body. He literally becomes the “vessel” for a loving person of yours. A true medium reader should be able to connect and deliver you specific information about you and the people who care about the most.


The other major type of reading is what we known as Mental Mediumship. 

This is a more complex method because the reader uses some clair-senses in order to “listen” to what the passed ones have to say. This type is divided into five basic senses that an ordinary human being cannot sense. These senses are listed below.


  1. Clairvoyance, is the spiritual vision in which they communicate through images
  2. Clairaudience, is the spiritual hearing in which they communicate through “telepathy” and not actual conversation 
  3. Clairsentience, is the spiritual feeling in which they give permission to the medium reader to sense their feelings and emotions, even a trauma or a wound that they had during their living days 
  4. Clairempathy, is the deep spiritual empathy that they feel for them
  5. Clairambience, when they want to communicate with a taste or a smell that would have been important or symbolic to them. 


What we need to mention is that it’s not our choice about how the medium reader will get in touch with our departed person but the spirits. 


How to get prepared and which medium you should pick

Usually the first four minutes are free of charge. This is a good amount of time to make your questions and check how your feelings are according to the answers. You need to be relaxed and with your heart wide open for your new experience. Get ready to give your reader some straight short answers about you and your loved one too. There is no need to stress. Just relax and enjoy this new journey.