Medium Psychic

The belief that one can make contact with spirits of the dead is part of many religions and possibly as old as human culture. 


Spiritism or Medium Psychic developed into a mass phenomenon, especially in the United States and Great Britain. There are still spiritistic organizations there today, some of which even call themselves “church”. New technologies have also contributed to the spread of spiritism, such as photography, which has been excellently suited for counterfeiting, e. g. e. by double exposure.


Tricks a medium psychic can perform:

Spiritism and medium psychic have been under scientific observation from the very beginning. Not a few scientists and doctors participated in spiritistic demonstrations and were not able to detect any fraud. Their positive assessment naturally contributed to the popularity of medium psychic. However, there was criticism from the very beginning. 

The tests by which the English physicist Michael Faraday proved in 1853 that the table is moved by the muscles of the participants when “shifting the table” are well known. Time and again, psychic media were caught cheating. To give you a rather appetizing example: there were female media hiding fine cloths in the vagina or anus, which were highlighted as “ectoplasm” under the sparse illumination of the spiritistic session. 

Of course, not all the media were fraudsters. Some were able to put themselves into “trance” or “obsession” states, which are now called “dissociative states ”. They themselves believed in the presence of the mediums, even if they were sometimes historical people who could not have existed, or even Mars inhabitants. Such cases contributed to the rise of spiritism in the first half of the 20th century. At the end of the 20th century, he had more or less lost his credibility. It was hard to impress with photographic double exposures.

Techniques a Medium Psychic can use:

Psychology identified the psychological disorders that affected some media, and dealt with techniques of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. And last but not least, the practices of the spirits were not only reviewed by scientists and other professional groups deemed suitable, but also by professional magicians such as the aforementioned Houdini. As everyone knows, even smart people are usually unable to see through magic tricks. 

It would therefore be a great mistake to believe that only stupid people can be persuaded by psychic media. On the contrary, among the believers there are also scientists, lawyers, psychotherapists, politicians, theologians and many other people who are experienced in thinking. Psychologists who know about perceptions and manipulation techniques have a little better cards. But only magicians are really trained to see what their colleagues are doing.


There are many ways a medium psychic can connect and communicate with the paranormal word, however some mediums rely on their intuition and psychic talent while others are practicing more on techniques such as hypnosis or even self-hypnosis.