Highly sensitive
Born empath

1 credit p.m.


My name is Matleena.

Highly sensitive. Born empath.
You are welcome with open arms to have a consultation with me if you want to gain insights about situations that bother you. You will always get an honest answer for any questions you ask me. I use for my readings astrology, tarot, cartomancy and numerology. Furthermore, I was the black sheep in a family with narcissistic parents. Through my personal experience with them, I help people in narcissistic relationships.

I can do pendulum and card readings for you with the tarot and cartomancy. For questions you have about love, relationships or work, I will do an extensive card reading for you. You can also contact me for astrology and numerology.

What questions can you ask me?
Love, relationships, work, living, narcissism counseling... whatever comes out of your head. No question sounds stupid to me. By having a consultation with me, we will surely find a solution to your problems.

What do I need from you?
Your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (if you don't have a birth time, no need to worry) is already enough information for an astrology reading. For cartomancy card readings, I only ask your date of birth. If you want me to read someone else's energy, tell me something about that person too. For the LBGTIAQ+ community, don't forget to tell me your pronouns. See you soon in the chat.


Dankjewel Matleena, je hebt een zuivere manier van lezen. En zet de timer ook stil om te tijd de nemen. Wat gelijk ook zeker in tijd scheelt. Ik kijk dan ook uit naar wat er naar voren kwam uit de lezing. :)

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